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I had gone to Dr Felixbrod 2 years ago. My son was diagnosed with ADHD from NYU child study center in Manhattan.

This is probably one of the best places in the world to get an evaluation. At this time my son was getting into alot of trouble at school. I went by myself to see Dr. Felixbrod twice before I agreed to let him work with my son.

He had planed on doing a school visit. Prior to the school visit, Dr. Felixbrod had said that his associate Chris would be going to the school. Chris went and did the visit.

That evening I had called Dr. Felixbrod to see how the visit had gone. Dr. Felixbrod said he had some very disturbing news.

I was immediately alarmed. He stated that Chris thought that my son suffered from autism not ADHD and he pretty much agreed with Chris's findings. The next day I called LIJ behavioral department for a reevalution of my son. I had spoke to a behavioral Dr.

at LIJ. He assured me that it was immposible for Chris who is not qualified to even make a diognosis to make an autism diognosis in two hours or Dr. Felixbrod who had never seen my son to make that diognosis. I called Dr.

Felixbrod that day and told him what the Dr. at LIJ said. He flipped. He said "why did you tell them that" and proceeded to deny everything.

I made him get Chris on a conference call who also began denying that he made a diognosis of my son. I took my son to LIJ and he has ADHD not AUTISM. In the last two years with PROPER counseling my son graduated from his grammar school with honors and is starting high school in a week. He made the freshman football team and is enjoying life.

When I had gone to Dr. Felixbrod he didn't want money for the consultation. After my conversation with him and Chris on the phone I told him to send me a bill for the school visit. Do you think he did?

NO he did not. I would have paid the bill and then sued him for misdiognosing my son. Don't be fooled he is a very sick man who preys on families in need and Chris is just a college graduate with no medical experience. The doctors at LIJ were very aware of Dr.

Felixbrod and his antics. If your child has ADHD or AUTISM go to LIJ or NYU where you will get the proper help you need.

If there are any negative postings to my story I can assure you it is Dr. Felixbrod or his cronnie Chris the unqualified.

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Renton, Washington, United States #946434

What a quack; he should have his license removed and be put in jail for what he did.

mary donn

I can assure you that the last comments were written by Dr Felixbrod or Chris. In dealing with my son I neither took short cuts nor was I in denial.

I am an educated and well informed person in regard to my son. I took him to a reputable doctor at a reputable establishment(NYU AND LIJ). I chose not to bring my son to the basement of some so called Dr and his unqualified assistant. My son is doing wonderful today and I thank God for that.

I was told by several doctors at LIJ about Dr Felixbrod and they were not such nice comments.

I said it before and I'll say it again Dr Felixbrod is not a good Dr. Karma will one day fall upon both of them for what they do.

to mary donn New Hyde Park, New York, United States #734948

Can you direct me to someone at LIJ please.


I have been a first hand witness to see the positive work that Dr. Jeff and his partner, Chris have done with working modifying behavior with children and teenagers with Autism, ADHD and other developmental disabilities.

Perhaps the behavior modification did not work with your children, however, I can tell you these two gentleman are two of the most hard working, accomodating, and compassionate therapists I have witnessed. Behavior modification takes time. It is not an overnight change, it takes time and with that comes money. With any therapy or intervention, ALL parties have to work together to be consistent and on the same page.

Not only does Chris have his BCBA, he also has countless hours of practical experience with therapy, ABA and modification practices-years of working with special needs children- An absolutely genuine, kind hearted person. I have also witnessed first hand these gentleman working with families and adjusting costs and providing payment plans for those families really in need. Did you ever look at what you were doing with your children? Maybe you were not following through on the instructions that were to be followed when in the home to faciliate similar structure and routine to match whats going on outside the home?

Maybe you are in denial. Maybe there was a miscommunication. Parents are so quick to blame and look for the quick fix-you should be ashamed for trashing two hardworking, honest and extremely professional men. As a Special Educator, Medicaid Service Coordinator and ABA Consultant I can honestly say I have seen the great work that they do and the heart they put into it.

You are doing a great disservice to other families by spreading horrible and false rumors about them. They could be helping other children.


Wow, NONE of this is true. Dr.

Felixbrod is NOT money hungry.

He worked with us, told us about products to help our child and told us he'd mention the more expensive one for our knowledge but would suggest the less expensive one and I think he even offered my husband with a payment plan on it. THAT is NOT a money hungry person.


They were no help to my son at all. All they seemed concerned about was the money.

Used them for a couple of months, big waste of money. Chris is not qualified to work with children, he worked with mine and I'm reporting them.


I also met with these two idiots, they did the same thing to me. Dr.

Felixbrod makes his add look so appealing. Most of the people that go to him are really desperate to help there children. The unfortunate thing about this is Dr. Felixbrod is a money hungry doctor and why Chris is even involved with any child baffles me.

He is not qualified to work with children or in your case make such a big diagnosis.I learned the hard way, lost alot of money. Your right LIJ or NYU is probably cheaper then Dr.

Felixbrod and your really getting quality care. If you read this don't be fooled by him, he is no help at all.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #191974

I met with them as well. When I questioned Chris on his qualifications, he broke out in a sweat.

He couldn't even answer the questions and in a panic called for "Dr". Felixbrod to come in. Chris was supposed to call us to schedule the next appointment, but never did. This was a complete wast of my time.

They say the right things to get you to buy into their program, but they will not provide you with any specifics. I suspect this is a complete scam.


I had called him about a year ago regarding my son, I got a bad feeling while talking to him, I'm so gald we didn't have to go through what many had to go through dealing with this unqualified doctor


Wow I had seen an ad by him thanks for the heads up I will be going to LIJ for a consultation Thanks So Much

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